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Learn how to use the UV-VIS and Fluorescence machines.


The overall procedure can be found at Dr. Harting's notebook. The major goal was to make dilutions from a stock solution of lysozyme with each group being assigned a different dilution. The dilutions were used to make a calibration curve for UV-VIS.

  1. Dilute 21.4μM lysozyme to a 1/10 dilution
    1. Wanted 3mL total volume
      1. Lysozyme calculations: 3mL*(1/10) = 0.3mL lysozyme
      2. Water calculations: 3*(9/10) = 2.7mL water
      3. mixed Lysozyme and water into cuvette and ran thought UV-VIS

Matt Hartings How did you make all of the dilutions that you used? Matt Skorski DONE


Calibration curve of Lysozyme

UVVis 08 CHEM671 Dilution Practice.png