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Develop a protocol for degassing a solution with a balloon



Fritted 24/40 500mL Erlenmeyer flasks

3-way stopcocks (Kimble Chase) (420163-4503)

Needles to connect to balloon (Stainless steel 304 syringe needle, non-coring point, 10inch 16 gauge

Needles to vent container: 27 gauge, 25 gauge, 23 gauge, 20 gauge, 18 gauge, 16 gauge.

N2 pressure to fill the balloon -- 100kPa

Suba-Septa (Ace Glass 24/40 9107-143)


The goal is to have a system that degasses a solution from N2 in a balloon.

All gauges of needle have kept air flow going for a full 20 minutes. See picture below for setup.


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