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Powder Xray diffraction

  • Performing xrd measurements was postponed due to technical issues (password was unknown). Samples were stored back in student drawers.

Preparation of Exfoliated Film

  • Notes on Exfoliated Clay taken from Dr. Hartings' entry on September 12, 2014:
    • An exfoliated clay has had all of its layers separated from one another. Instead of having layers in water, you have single sheets of material. This should change the absorption properties of the clay. We are going to test PVA-exfoliated clay materials against the regular PVA-clay material.
    • To exfoliate clay, you stir it in water for 24 hours. (Luckily Dr. Fox has done this for us already).
    • Given the stock solution of 4% sodium montmorillonite, determine how to make a film such that you make a 10% clay (1g of PVA, ?? of exfoliated clay solution).
    • Prepare a crosslinked film with the exfoliated clay in a similar manner to your other films
  • It was determined that 2.75 g of the 4% sodium montmorillonite is required to make 10% clay.
  • The actual weight of the components added were 0.9996 g of PVA into 2.7756 g of the liquefied, 4% sodium montmorillonite solution to make a 10% wt clay. A volume of 7 mL distilled water was added to the mixture.
  • The mixture was left stirring for a week.

Suspension of PVA films in Malachite Green

  • Notes and details were taken from Jacob Esenther. New stock solutions of Malachite Green Concentrations were made.
    • 200 ppm M.G. made by Madeline Bee and calculations can be found on her page.
    • 80ppm M.G. made by Rebeca Rodriguez and calculations can be found on her page.
    • 8ppm M.G. made by [Farag] and calculations can be found on his page.
    • 2ppm M.G. made by James in my group. This was done with 1ml of 200ppm Malachite Green and 99mL of H2O.
    • Pieces of PVA film were cut and placed in a vial with 10mL of Malachite Green solution.
    • Control solutions of 200ppm and 2ppm were also prepared.