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Cross-linking and Neutralizing Batch 4 Films

Film Synthesis with Ion Exchange using Ionic Liquids

  • Using the information from Dr. Hartings' entry, James performed the following procedure to initiate the organic cation exchange:
    • 1.1046 g of Sodium Montmorillonite was added to a vial
    • Assuming 92 meq of Na per 100 g, the total eq was 10.16232E-04
    • Added 0.5251 g tributylhexadecylphosphonium bromide (MW=507.65) to the vial
    • Added 10 mL of HPLC water and 10 mL ethanol
    • capped the vial and set to stir for one week

Preparation of Film Sample for Powder X-RAY Diffraction

  • Incised a PVA-clay film with the size of the scintillating vial lid.
  • The film was suspended in 10 mL of 2ppm MG solution contained in a scintillating vial. The MG solution for this sample was prepared from the stock solution prepared on August 29, 2014.
  • The sample will be analyzed for the following lab meeting on September 12, 2014.