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Continuation of Film Synthesis

  • Following the protocol provided by Dr. Hartings, the films from last Friday, August 27, 2014, were transferred from the teflon dishes into a 250 mL beaker containing 0.2 M Sodium Sulfate solution with added sulfuric acid at 80°C.
  • After an hour of gentle stirring (2:00PM), the films were transferred to a warmed, 1% HCl solution at 80°C.
  • The PVA only film was torn into pieces by the stir bar during stirring while the PVA + clay film remained intact.
  • At 2:35PM, the films were transferred to a room temperature, 0.2M Sodium Bicarbonate solution for 15 minutes. As mentioned, this process will neutralize the acid present on the films.
  • Once the 15 minute neutralization was completed, the films were stored into separate beakers containing distilled water for the meantime.

Batch 2 Film Synthesis

  • 0.1144 g of Sodium Cloisite (Southern Clay Products) was added to 1.0068 g of PVA (MP Biomedicals); these were dissolved in 7 mL of distilled water in preparation for polymer + clay film synthesis.
  • PVA only film was prepared by dissolving 1.0091 g of PVA into 7 mL of distilled water.
  • The polymer solutions were stirred and heated at 75°C until mixture was homogeneous.
  • Observing no particles were left in solution, the polymer solutions were allowed to cool at room temperature. Once cooled, 0.5 mL of 0.8% glutaraldehyde was added to each polymer solution. Additional stirring was done on both solutions to ensure homogeneity.
  • Solutions were cast into their respected teflon dishes and left to dry under the fume hood.

Suspension of 8/27/14 Films in Malachite Green

  • 2, 8, 80, and 200 ppm solutions of malachite green were prepared. The calculations were executed by James Schwabacher. The smaller concentrations were made from diluting the stock solutions; 8, 80, and 200 ppm. Matt Hartings How were these solutions prepared??? Who prepared them?
  • Empty vials were labeled, accordingly, with the prepared concentrations of the malachite green.
  • The polymer films temporarily stored in distilled water were transferred into separate petri dishes for cutting.
  • Using a falcon tube and a metal spatula, the polymer films were cut into rounds.
  • The pieces of polymer film were distributed to the empty vials. The mass of the vial containing films were recorded in the table below:
Vials 8.27 films.png
  • 10 mL of the prepared malachite green solutions were added to the corresponding, labeled vials.