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Comparison of Polymer and Polymer + Clay Films: Effect of Sodium Montmorillonite


  • To compare the quality of polymer films with and without the addition of clay, sodium montmorillonite


  • The protocol for the synthesis of the polymer films was provided by Dr. Hartings.
  • Two vials of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) weighing 1.0010 and 1.0024 g were given. The clay, 0.1103 g of sodium montmorillonite, was added to 1.0010 g of PVA.
  • Both polymer mixtures took longer than expected to dissolve after the 15 minute period at 75°C. The temperature of the hot plate was increased to 120°C.
  • Upon finishing the protocol, the teflon dishes containing the polymer mixtures were left to dry under the hood in preparation for the addition of acid on Friday.
  • Addition of acid will catalyze the cross-linking of the clay and polymer.