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Characterize Au/TiO2

  • Au/TiO2 was ground using pestle and mortar and x-ray was measured between 2 degrees and 50 degrees.

Here is our result:


Preparation of clay samples

This process was repeated 5 times for each clay samples:

samples were centrifuged, decanted and mixed with 20 mL EtOH and 20 mL H2O to be prepared for the next centrifugation.

Use of Au/TiO2 to selectively oxidize an alcohol

First, 0.2 g of AuNP was measured and transferred to a 100 mL round bottom flask. Then, 1 g glycerol + 29 mL methanol + 0.75 g NaOH were added to the flask and a balloon was placed on top of that to introduce O2 into the reaction, which was resulted from an addition of yeast to the solution. Samples will be analyzed next week.