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Preparation of AuNPs, AgNPs and ZnNPs

  • In this experiment, we started investigating the other methods to form nanoparticles. First, we started using 3 different metals: Au, Ag and Zn. Then, we stabilized them with one polar and uncharged amino acid, Cysteine, and one basic amino acid, Histidine.


  • Preparation of stock solution:

0.025 L* 35*10-3 mol/L* 155.15 g/mol = 0.1357 g His --> it was dissolved in 25 mL DI water.

0.025 L* 35*10-3mol/L* 121.16 g/mol = 0.1060 g Cys --> it was dissolved in 25 mL DI water.

0.010L* 4*10-3mol/L* 169.87 g/mol = 0.00679 g AgNO3 --> it was dissolved in 10 mL DI water.

0.010L* 20*10-3mol/L* 219.5 g/mol = 0.03668 g Zinc acetate --> it was dissolved in 10 mL DI water.

-Based on the actual concentration obtained from ICP for gold stock solution, we used 1.2 mL of 10 mM HAuCl4 in order to keep the same concentartion of Au (1 mM) in all our samples.

Table-3 metals.png