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Buffer Solution Preparation

  • 0.1 M buffer solution of NaHCO3/Na2CO3 were prepared at pH value of 10, 11 and 12.First, solid NaHCO3 was added to about 150 mL DI water. Aftewards, pH was adjusted to desired value by addiding NaOH to the solution.

Samples Preparation

  • 9 samples were prepared using 1 mL of 2.5 mM HAuCl4, 1 mL of 250 μM AA ( Arg, Ile, Phe) and 8 mL of 0.1 M buffer solution at 3 pHs.
  • 9 samples were prepared at pH 10, 11 and 12 with different Au:Arg molar ratio:


18 Au:AA solution were left for overnight heating.

Buffer solution preparation for next analysis

  • Buffer for bradford analysis:

1 L sln* 50*10-3 mol/L NaCl* 58.44 g/mol NaCl = 2.922 g NaCl

1 L sln* 50*10-3 Tris* 121.14 g/mol Tris = 6.057 g Tris

  • Also, buffers for Dialysis and SDS-PAGE were prepared.