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There it goes!

  • Today, I checked that the restrictions had the appropriate size, which can be observed next:

Ligacion mutluz.JPG

  • The lanes indicate that ligations were empty, so I will need to re-ligate them :(.

  • To fix this problem, I was planning on ligating using a type of three antibiotic assembly. However, when I ran the gel to check the insert and vector relation, I saw nothing where the insert (luciferase) should be :(.

Cuant mutluz 28Sep.JPG

  • Luckily, I found a mutated luciferase stock, so I will leave a restriction for a total of 30μl as follows ON at 37°C.

- H2O -------------> 13

- Buffer 3 ------> 3μL

- BSA ------------> 1μL

- DNA ------------> 10μL

- XBA I ---------> 1.5μL

- PST I ----------> 1.5μL