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Go go go...!!!

  • Today, Melvin extracted plasmid from the 3 strains of the wt luciferase while I ran a gel to check if the restrictions turned out as expected:

Restr lucs 22Sep10.JPG

  • The lanes were as follows:

1. Ladder.

2,3,4. Firefly green luciferase with mutated RBS (strains 3,5,8).

5. Firefly red luciferase with mutated RBS (strain 9).

6,7,8. Promega® green click beetle luciferase.

9,10,11. Promega® red click beetle luciferase.

  • According to these results, I will use firefly luciferases with mutated RBS 5 and 8, and Promega's luciferases green 2, red 1, and red 3 to ligate them with the plasmid containing theBBa_J23101.

  • I also did a 30μl restriction, as described yesterday with XBA I and PST I, for the firefly luciferases with mutated RBS 5 and 8, the wt luciferase (3 strains), and the firefly red luciferase with mutated RBS (2, 6). I left them incubating ON at 37°C.