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Better of that way...

  • Today, I made a colony PCR to check if the transformations I made for the click beetle luciferase were OK following the protocol described here. Sadly, the only colony that did amplify the luciferase was the green 5 one.

PCR colonia.JPG

  • The lanes are as follows:

1. Ladder

2. Negative control

3. Positive control (wildtype luciferase)

4. Red 1

5. Red 3

6. Red 5

7. Red 8

8. Red 10

9. Green 2

10. Green 4

11. Green 5

12. Green 6

13. Green 9

  • Taking this into consideration, I will make a PCR for the missing red colonies (2,4,6,7,9) and pray that someone turns out well so that I can try them soon enough.