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It won't be long yeah...

  • I didn't like the way in which my transformations turned out, so I decided that I will repeat everything, from the ligation to the transformations. The first thing was to dephosphate the pSB1C3 and to ran a gel to quantify the components of the ligation to repeat.

CuantifLRE 26Ago10.JPG

  • The lanes were as follows:

1. Ladder

2-6. Claudia's things

7. LRE restricted with XBA I and PST I

8. LRE restricted with ECO RI and PST I

9. Constitutive promoter on plasmid BBa_J61002

10. pSB1C3

  • As everything went out as planned, I decided to make a ligation (again) just as follows:
  1. LRE (XBA I/PST I) with J23100 labeled as LRE + J23100 Mar and date.
  2. LRE (ECO RI/PST I) with plasmid 17 labeled as LRE + p17 Mar and date.
  3. Control (J23106) labeled as Co J23106 Mar and date.
  4. Control (plasmid 17) labeled as Co p17 Mar and date.

  • The reactions were left at 16°C ON.