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I can't see it with my eyes...

  • Today, I checked the restrictions of luciferase to try to understand what went wrong with the assay performed yesterday.


  • Though I am pretty disturbed by the results, we did an assay where we concentrated 4mL of transformed cells by centrifugation for 4min (8000rpm) and resuspended them into 0.5ml of sodium citrate 5mM adding 1μL of luciferine 10mM.

Tranformation, technology

  • 1: LRE (XBA I/PST I) with J23100 (ampicilin).

  • 2: LRE (ECO RI/PST I) with plasmid 17 labeled as LRE + p17 Mar and date (chloramphenicol).

  • 3: Control of J23100 (ampicilin).

  • 4: Control of plasmid 17 (chloramphenicol).
  • 5: Control of transformation (BBa_I51020) (ampicilin).
  • 6: Control of competent cells.