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Woohoo!!! Transformed strain is a win!!!

  • When I arrived in the morning, I saw that the strains that I plated yesterday grew well, so I inoculated them in 4mL of liquid LB medium with 4μL of tetracycline. Incubation for 7 hours at 37°C.

  • Afterwards, I extracted plasmid by using the Roche High Pure Plasmid Isolation Kit. The tubes are labeled as: plasmido purif. lucif + TT Mariana 9/06/10 (1-G).

  • Finally, I did a restriction for a total of 20μL as follows and labeled it as Restriccion ECO RI y PST Mariana (1-H):

-H2O -------> 10μl

-Buffer 2 --> 2μl

-BSA ------> 1μl

-DNA -------> 5μl

-ECOR1 -----> 1μl

-PST1 ------> 1μl

  • Restrictions were incubated at 37°C ON(overnight).