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Beginning with the transformation

  • Today, I transformed competent cells with the plasmid that I constructed (the ligated luciferase with the double terminator). After following the protocol, I incubated the plates (LB with ampicilin)at 37°C ON.

  • I also did BOSS medium for a Vibrio fischeri assay that we will held for a total of 1L (500ml liquid medium and 500ml solid agar).

-NaCl ---------------------> 30g
-Glycerol -----------------> 1g
-Bacto-Peptone ------------> 10g
-Beef Extract -------------> 3g

  • According to the protocol, to obtain solid medium you should add 15 g of Bacto-Agar, dilute the ingredients in water (pH should be about 7,3), and fill with H2O up till 1000 ml.