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The purpose of the present subset of experiments was to perform zein protein film formation with BSA conjugated NPs.


Initially, a clear solution of zein (10% w/v) in ethanol (aq, 90% v/v) with glycerol (30% on zein weight basis) was prepared. Then 5 grams of the solution was then placed in a 9 cm diameter plastic Petri dish. The solution was gently swirled as to coat the bottom of the Petri dish. The petri dish containing that solution was then placed (without a lid) on a level surface that was checked with a spirit level in a 40 degree C oven for 24 h.


Procedural Measurements:

9 mL of ethanol was added to 1 mL of distilled water. Then 0.99 g of zein was added to 0.238 mL of glycerol. The solutions were combined to create 9.5 mL of solution. Then, 4.99 g of the solution was added to a Petri dish and left to sit in the oven.


Zein film is a good bioplastic and can be used as an interface for AuNPs