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September 11, 2013

  • Take UV-vis of attempted replication samples
  • Take fluorescence measurements of attempted replication samples again


Remake 6/5/13 Replicate Samples

  • 2.22uM ZnPPIX
    • 44.4uL 10uM ZnPPIX in 155.6uL filtered water
  • 2.22uM ZnPPIX/1.11uM DNA
    • 44.4uL 10uM ZnPPIX in 55.6uL filtered water
    • Combine with 4.18uL 53.1uM DNA in 95.82uL filtered water
  • 1.934uM ZnPPIX/0.94uM DNA/11.75nM AuNPs
    • 38.68uL 10uM ZnPPIX in 11.32uL filtered water combined with 3.54uL 53.1uM DNA in 46.46uL filtered water
    • Add 100uL 23.5nM AuNPs
  • ZnPPIX/AuNPs
    • 44.4uL 10uM ZnPPPIX in 55.6uL filtered water
    • Add 100uL 23.5nM AuNPs


Absorbance Measurements

2013 0911 ZnPPIX abs spectra.PNG

Fluorescence Measurements

2013 0911 ZnPPIX 440 fluor spectra.PNG<br.>

  • Samples from 09/04/2013 excited at 440nm, showed no signal

2013 0911 ZnPPIX 420 fluor spectra.PNG<br.>

  • Samples from 09/11/2013 excited at 420nm, showed no signal


  • Next time: remake 06/05/2013 samples with old (25.67nM) AuNPs that were used previously in successful trial