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July 24, 2013

Procedure:Silica-coating AuNPs by MHA, Day Two Round 3

  • Using 9.4nM, 10nm AuNPs in PBS from 06/19/2013 (used in first silica-coating procedure conducted on 06/20/2013)
  • Day Two:
    • Prepare the following solutions:
  1. 1mL 9.4nM, 10nm AuNP&MHA, PBS/5μL TES/0.125mL NH4OH/5mL propanol
  2. 1mL 9.4nM, 10nm AuNP&MHA, PBS/4μL TES/0.125mL NH4OH/5mL propanol
  3. 1mL 9.4nM, 10nm AuNP&MHA, PBS/3μL TES/0.125mL NH4OH/5mL propanol
  4. 1mL 9.4nM, 10nm AuNP&MHA, PBS/2μL TES/0.125mL NH4OH/5mL propanol
  5. 1mL 9.4nM, 10nm AuNP&MHA, PBS/1μL TES/0.125mL NH4OH/5mL propanol
    • Stir solutions for one hour to allow reaction to proceed
    • Centrifuge solutions at 4000 rpm for one hour
    • Remove supernatants and discard
    • Re-suspend particles in 140uL PBS (per solution)
      • Dilute each solution 10 times to run absorbance measurements

Notes and Observations

MHA and AuNP solution was heated just enough to allow MHA to dissolve. 2uL and 4uL samples appeared much clearer than other samples which had visible particles floating around in solution (prior to centrifugation). It looked as if the nanoparticles had stuck to the bottom of these two vials. After centrifugation, 2uL and 4uL samples produced noticeably less particles and were visibly a lighter color than the other samples. All samples seemed to be more purple in color than the pink characteristic of gold nanoparticles. This may be similar to what happened with the samples we made and took TEM images of last week, and could be indicative of aggregation.

Absorbance Data

2013 0724 AuNPs@SiO2.PNG

For NIST Tomorrow

  • 10nm AuNPs from 06/17/2013, 9.4nM
  • 9.65nm AuNPs from 07/19/2013, 9.4nM
  • AuNPs in MHA from 07/23/2013 (2 samples)
  • AuNPs@SiO2 from 07/23/2013 (8 samples)
  • AuNPs@SiO2 from 07/24/2013 (5 samples)