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February 4, 2014


  • If nanofibers formed in the tall scaffolds by the original nanofiber procedure (from 01/29/2014):
    • Take pictures against white background
    • Print taller scaffolds that span the length of liquid in the test tube
    • Increase the concentrations of gold and myoglobin, keeping the ratio the same

Nanofiber Results

100:1 Gold:Myoglobin Nanofibers alone<br.> Nanofiber.jpg<br.> 100:1 Gold:Myoglobin Nanofibers on PLA scaffolds<br.> Nanofiber-scaffold1.jpg Nanofiber-scaffold2.jpg Nanofiber-scaffold3.jpg<br.> 100:1 Gold:Myoglobin Nanofbiers on PLA sacffold- under microscope<br.> PLA Fiber 2.5 2.bmp PLA Fibers 2.5 1.bmp


Because the nanofibers turned out black instead of purple, we will double the concentration of both gold and myoglobin in the initial solution, keeping the 100 to 1 ratio the same.

Sample Preparation

  • Au stock solution:
    • 0.011g x (1 mol/393.833g) x 0.010L = 2.793mM
  • Myoglobin stock solution:
    • 0.011g x (1 mol/17699g) x 0.010L = 0.0621mM
  • Volumes of Au, Myoglobin, and water for each test tube:
    • Final [Au]=0.5mM, 5mL total volume

2014 0204 Au Myo NPs cheat sheet.PNG


  • Make twelve gold:myoglobin (100:1) nanofiber solutions with a final Au concentration of 0.5mM and final volume of 5mL
    • One of these solutions will have one of the extra tall scaffolds in solution
    • One of these solutions will have four of the tall scaffolds in solution
    • One of these solutions will have one of the tall scaffolds in solution
    • The other nine solutions will be made as usual to make nanofibers for the "brute force" method
  • All solutions will go into the oven at 80C for four hours to allow nanofibers to form