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November 5, 2013


  1. Atomic Absorption of nanoparticles
  2. UV-vis measurements of Lysozyme and Myoglobin nanoparticles


Atomic Absorption:<br.>

  • Centrifuge 4mL from each sample for 30min at 4000rpm
  • Make standard solutions in the same manner as the last time we performed AA; this time go up to 50ug/mL
  • Take measurements of your standards and samples
  • Make a graph showing concentration of Au vs Au:protein ratio
Gold Standards- Calculations
  1. 50 ug/mL:
    • (1000ug/mL)V=(50ug/mL)(5mL)
    • V= 0.25mL Au stock in 4.75mL water
  • Each sample diluted from Au stock in the above manner


Atomic Absorption<br.> 2013 1105 gold standards corrected.PNG<br.> 2013 1105 myoglobin nanoparticles corrected.PNG<br.> 2013 1105 lysozyme nanoparticles UVvis corrected.PNG 2013 1105 HRP nanoparticles corrected.PNG<br.>

UV-vis Absoprtion<br.> 2013 1105 lysozyme nanoparticles UVvis.PNG<br.> 2013 1105 myoglobin nanoparticles UVvis.PNG<br.>