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  • Oceanography
  1. Centrifuged falcon tubes containing gold fibers. (300 rpm for 15 minutes)
  2. Removed water with plastic pipette.
  3. Prepare the sample that goes in the 3mL cuvette that will be used for ocean optics.
  4. The sample must contain:
    1. Gold fibers
    2. 2.955mL of Tris buffer
    3. 0.045mL of trypsin, calculations are below
    4. The trypsin was added last, at the second reading such that second reading becomes time 0.
  5. We ran our sample for 2hrs30mins.
  6. Readings were taken every 2 minutes and uploaded directly to DropBox for later analysis.

Calculations for volume of trypsin, and volume of buffer

    C1·V1 = C2·V2,
     where C1 = 66.52µM
           C2 = 1µM 
           V2 = 3mL
    V1 = 0.045mL 
    Volume of buffer: 3mL-0.045mL = 2.955mL


Ocean Optics TrypsinandAUfibers at533nm 6Oct.png

Ocean Optics TrypsinandAUfibers 6Oct.png