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To Do

  • NI bnc module

DAQ Card

  • Koch got in a new NI BNC module that uses direct wires to hook it up
    • A naked wire goes into the port and then you screw it down
  • Koch wants me to convert this into BNC
    • BNC head on one end and then the naked BNC wires screwed into the device
  • We have to shield the exposed wires with both some tape (or shrink wrap) and maybe a box enclosure in the future
    • Koch also wants the cables to be ~2ft long
  • There may also be a problem with strain relief, so we should find a way to connect all 4 of the connections that Koch wants me to setup
  • I have 4 cables attached to the module with BNC heads on one end and wired to AI0, AI1, AI2, AI3, and grounds repectively
  • The setup will be sitting near my work area (gel area of wetlab)
  • Steve Koch 01:47, 18 August 2009 (EDT): Thank you!