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To Do

  • Incubator
  • Motillity?


  • Koch wants me to put a jug of water in the incubator for a couple of hours and see what the temp is
  • Since it is already set to max (60) i will leave it there and see if the water gets too hot
  • Its been ~1hr and the incubator is set to 60. The water in the beaker (which i placed on the far side away from the fan) is reading 40-41C. Thats too hot, so i reduced the incubator to 55 and changed out the water.
  • The incubator set at 55 yielded water at 39
    • Trying setting of 50
  • 50 yields 35C water
    • Trying 52.5
  • A note is that i have the beaker furthest from the fan. The booklet says that there is a temperature gradient, so close to the fan=hotter
  • At 52.5, on the far side of the chamber, the water reads 37c!


  • Andy mentioned yesterday that we may do some microscope stuff
  • He may want to try his lipids on some microtubes
  • He spin coated a small cover glass with the lipds
    • Half of the slide was covered with tape
  • We put MT's on the slide and looked at it under the scope
    • We saw MT's stuck to the glass but not to the lipids (as wanted)
  • We used the old kinesin Andy drummed up from yesterday, but with no luck