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To Do

  • More Chemicals
  • Shaker


  • Andy got in some more chems for kinesin stuff, need to update the list


  • I got the glass stopper out of the sink trap today
  • We need to get some kind of catch so that things like this dont happen again


  • Need to clean the shaker.
    • Need to lookup what kind of stuff i can use to clean it with
    • What I have found says the outside can be cleaned with a wet cloth and if necessary some household cleaners. They then say to not use any corrosive chemicals.
  • Also need to remove the racks that were in there previously
  • Koch also wants me to test the temp to see if it gets up to 37C
  • To answer Kochs Q from my last entry, I would say we should get a universal plate and order spring clamps to hold down the flasks. All those items are listed in yesterday's notebook
  • Ok, I tried to remove the racks from the shaker, but it looks like those were installed when the plate was outside (b/c trying to take them out while they are in there is a HUGE PAIN)
  • Looking to try to remove the plate, the bolts are rusted and we cannot remove them. Will need Dan or Joe (who are all not in today) to help remove it
  • Also Emailing them ( to see if we can get a manual