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To Do

  • Autoclave stuff today!
    • Pipette tips (1000ul) that fell out, they are sitting in the autoclave
    • More centrifuge tubes (the large ones)
    • Popin buffer
  • More BNC Cables
  • OT?


  • When I came in, the Autoclave was in use
    • Andy says that Nathan (Osinski's Lab) was using it
  • Round one (probably the only round since our group meeting is today)
    • 1x 1000ul tips (the ones i got dirty Friday)
    • 2x 100ul tips
    • 5x large centrifuge tips
      • Note: I went ahead and autoclaved ALL of the tubes in the plastic bag since we only had 1 more container of them and I wanted to make sure we had some in reserve
  • Round 2
    • The "popin buffer"


  • Whilst waiting for the Autoclave, I will make some 3ft and 4 ft BNC cables
  • one 4ft made friday, one made today
  • two 3ft made today

New Lab Network

  • Used Koch's laptop to check the 4 ports that are in the new lab (2 at front door 2 at rear door)
    • They all provided me with internet access and I was able to access //controller
  • I will take down the annoying wire tomorrow since today I need to read up on the paper for the meeting


  • Koch, Ant and I tethered some DNA and tried unzipping
  • There is a problem with the translator/piezzo
    • They seem to be misaligned because we get alot of "sliding"
      • Ex. the x translation works fine, but when you use the Y translator it has a diagonal movement wrt the microscope plane
  • We were able to find some tethers and pull on them
    • We feel that the trap is too weak since the beads keep coming out of the trap
    • it could also be a problem with the piezzo (misaligned and/or moving too fast)
  • Good note: 500nm beads are easy to see and very easily trapped (sometimes we get them when we dont want them)
  • We need to calibrate the tweezers tomorrow
  • Cool note: I think i saw dna unzip, but that result was unrepeatable
    • We turned on the trap near a tether, saw it move, then turned off the trap.
      • The bead "sprung back" to its original spot and oscillated a bit (like a block on a spring)