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To Do

  • Talk to Koch about the main focus of my goals
    • Help Brigette do Kinesin
    • Help Andy with Tweezers

Wireless Camera

  • Koch asked me to try to setup the new Canon wireless camera that we had no luck with last week
  • I installed the program into Larry's computer (with some difficulty) and was able to setup the camera to connect to Kochlab network
    • It gives me a connection error 5, which means that either the UPnP is disabled or its not getting a good signal
      • Since I saw Brigette use her laptop, it might be the UPnP
    • Koch and Ant enabled the UnUP for the wireless router last week (and it is still enabled since I tried to do it today)
    • I also enabled the UnUP on the other Linksys router from Larry's computer
  • I may want to try the wireless router by itself (something that I think they tried last week)
  • May want to try to connect to the D-Link router and see if there is a setting for UPnP
  • I went and connected our wireless router straight to Larry's computer
    • The camera still gives me the connection 5 error
      • I tried disabling certain security features of the router and the computer and it still does not want to connect
  • Ant was supposed to take the camera home and try it there, I don't know how that worked out
  • Koch also mentioned he got it to work once in his office, but then the batteries died and it was not reproducible
  • One interesting note: I was trying to mess with some of the features of the camera and software. I was able to upload a photo without problem, but when asked to dump the photos off the camera onto the computer, it doesnt seem to work
    • Fixed that problem. It wanted to dump the photos onto the "my documents" which lives on the \\controller
      • I set the destination folder to the C: drive and it worked just fine
  • Koch thinks we should just return said camera for a refund
    • It was purchased from (a merchant) so I dont know if that merchant has a return policy
  • Steve Koch 10:35, 7 July 2009 (EDT): An idea to try before Brigette gets in: you can see how well the camera works non-wirelessly. I.e., plugged into Larry's computer. As far as a gel camera goes, it may be useful to us even if not wireless, provided the USB cable is long enough. How long can a USB cable be?

Kinesin or OT?

  • Talking to Koch, it seems that working with Brigette may be more fruitful (since I really dont know very much about optics and would most likely just get in Andy's way)
  • Brigette said she wanted to try out the phosphorous assay to measure the activity on the Kinesin
  • We also have a nanodrop on the way to try out (I asked for it to come in Monday but its not here)
    • Q about the Nanodrop: if we used it would we have to recalibrate or are these absorption curves universal?
    • Steve Koch 10:33, 7 July 2009 (EDT): Due to variability, you usually do a new "standard curve" every day.
  • Updates:
    • On a waitlist for the nanodrop, so no telling when it will arrive for us to try. We can still use Osinski's I assume
    • Tweezers up and running. Koch messing with power spectrum software. Wants to try to unzip old DNA in storage and/or new stuff Ant has been working on.