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Thanks to User:Omegatron, who developed the initial code.

How it works

This tool parse external links and template code in history pages (Recent Changes, Watchlist, Related changes and Contributions too), making them into colorful links: for example, if you write a code like

  • [ Wikipedia]
  • [] or more simply
  • {{Val}}

in edit summary, it will shown in these pages in this way

in other pages, in particular in code sections and diff, parse external links, wikilinks and template code making them into links (not colorful).

This tool doesn't work on preview mode.

Add this tool

To use autolink, add this line


to your monobook.js. If you use wikEd, add a new line like this

var autolinkParseLink = false;

because of a Firefox bug, wikEd fails to parse URLs in diff pages: then, they'll not work correctly.

Bug and suggestions

Report here eventual bugs and suggestions here, thanks.