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  • To showcase the biomineralization of gold nanoparticles in Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) so that gold nanoparticles can be created and used for future experiments


  • 0.0015 mM of BSA (Bovine Serum Albumen) and 0.25mM of HAuCl4(Chloroauric Acid) were mixed along with a 10mL buffer of 50mM acetate buffer (pH 5.46).
    Note: water was used to remove each compound from its respective weighing boats to the final test tube.
  • The mixture was then transferred to a cuvette and analyzed using a UV Vis (Spectrum 200-800).
  • The mixture was then put into an oven at about 70 degrees Celsius and then analyzed using the UV Vis every half hour.


  • The measured weight of HAuCl4 needed was determined using the calculations:
  • 0.25 mmol/L HAuCl4 × (1 mol/1000 mmol) = 2.5×10-4 mol/L HAuCl4
  • 10 mL solution × (1 L/1000mL) × (2.5×10-4 mol HAuCl4/1 L) × (196.967 g Au3+/1 mol) = 4.9×10-4 g AuCl4

  • The measured weight of BSA needed was determined using the calculations:
  • 0.0015 mmol/L BSA × (1 mol/1000 mmol) = 1.5×10-6 mol/L BSA
  • 10 mL solution × (1 L/1000 mL) × (1.5×10-6 mol BSA/1 L) × (66776 g BSA/1 mol) = .0010 g BSA


  • The actual measurements of each of the compounds were as follows:
    • BSA: 0.0011g
    • HAuCl4: 0.0004g

Zoomed in Spec.jpg


This experiment was done as a group under the leadership of Dr. Hartings at American University.