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CommonsHelper Helper (CH²) is a user script which expedites the process of moving free images over to the Wikimedia Commons using Magnus Manske's excellent tool CommonsHelper. When installed, this script adds a "Move image to the Commons" button to image edit pages, which brings up CommonsHelper in an inline frame and automatically tags the image with {{NowCommons}} when complete.


To install, add the following to your user script page (most likely your monobook.js):

<source lang="javascript"> // User:Krimpet/CH2.js importScript('User:Krimpet/CH2.js'); </source>

Save the page and clear your browser's cache.


NOTE: You must have the preference "Preview on first edit" set or CH2 will NOT work.

To move an image to the Commons:

  1. Go to the image's page
  2. Click "edit this page"
  3. Click the "Move image to the Commons" button above your toolbar
  4. Enter a new name for the image if desired, or leave blank
  5. Click "Start CommonsHelper"
  6. Upload the image with CommonsHelper (see the CommonsHelper manual for help)
  7. When done, click the "Click when finished uploading" button
  8. Review everything to make sure it's correct, and save the page.

See also

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