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  1. Crosslink the prepared glutaraldehyde film
  2. Repeat the crosslink of glutaraldehyde film


General Protocol 1(klare and Liz):

  1. Allow the glutaraldehyde PVOH film to completely air dry
  2. Prepare a solution of 100mL H2O, 2mL concentrated H2SO4, and 20g Na2SO4 in a 150mL beaker. Place stir bar in beaker and a Buchner funnel top (cap) over the stir bar
  3. Heat the prepared solution to 70°C(on hot plate turn temperature to 160°C)
  4. Place film in solution for 1 hour.(Make sure the temperature remains at 70°C) Must be under fumehood because of glutaraldehyde
  5. Prepare 100mL 1% aqueous HCl solution. Heat solution to 70°C. (ie: 1ml of HCL in 100 ml)
  6. Remove film from the solution and rinse with deionized H2O
  7. Place stir bar in 1% HCl solution and a Buchner funnel top over of the stir bar. Add the PVOH film to the solution
  8. Allow film to remain in 1% HCl solution for 30 minutes.(Be sure to keep a constant 70°C)
  9. Prepare 0.2M sodium bicarbonate solution
  10. After 30 minutes, remove film from 1% HCl solution and place in 0.2M sodium bicarbonate solution for ~15minutes
  11. Remove film from dilute sodium bicarbonate solution with tweezers. Rinse with deionized H2O and dry film on paper towel(dabbing gently).
  12. Weigh PVOH film. Record mass= .8059g

General Protocol 2 (Noah):

  1. Repeat Glutaraldehyde film prep
  2. make 2nd glutaradehyde film film, except and replace 10% PVOH with PDMS
  3. Prepare 1 L glutaraldehyde solutions
  4. prepare 500ml 20ppm SO42- as CuSO4
  5. prepare 500ml 20ppm SO42- as Na2SO4
  6. dry clays

Glutaraldehyde Prep and CuSO4*5H20 20ppm

  • 0.5g PVOH, 5ml H2O => dissolve
  • add 1ml Glutaraldehyde in fume hood
  • 0.5132 g PVOH, 5ml h2o + 1ml glutaraldehyde
  • 0.4055g PVOH, 0.1015 PDMS, 5ml h2o

*200 g Na2So4, 1L H2O stirred to dissolution + 20ml H2 So4 *MW CuSO4 * 5 H20= 249.67 g/mole 20 ppm in 500ml H2O MW= 18 g/mol (500g of h20/18g/mol=27.7moles) **27.7moles h2O* ((20moles cuso4*5H2O)/1,000,000 moles H2O) = 5.55 E -4 moles Cuso4*5molesH20 **5.55E-4moles CuSo4*5H2O * 249.68 g/mol= 0.1387g CuSo4*5H2O **5.55E-4moles Na2SO4 * 142.04g/mol=0.078 (20ppm) *we want 500ml of 20ppm = 20mg/l CuSO4 ** 277.4mg/l*x=.5*20mg/l ** x=36.05ml in total 100ml solution * we want 500ml of 20ppm= 20mg/l Na2SO4 ** 156.8 mg/l x = .5(20mg/L)v ** x= 63.78ml in total 100ml solution


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