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- redo two dye attachments - and the microwave reaction


Microwave Assisted Acid Base Hydrolysis

  • 100µL of AuNP and 100µL of the 6M HCl, swirl around. Use the mixer goes faster until colorless. takes apart the nano particle
  • 200µL of 4 M NaOH
  • take 100µL of aunt naoh and hcl in tubing
  • add 2µL Dtt
  • cap it and stick it where it will stand up right stick in microwave with flask of water for 2 min
  • should be hydrolyzed and take uv spectrum with a reference of NaOH and Hcl
    • reference 100µl of gold and add every ting else
    • got to make concentration curve with the bsa stock 15.061µM and 7.53µM using same procedure above then can calculate molar absorptivity to find amount of bsa attached

determine how much bsa you have pull apart and cut it into amino acid tryptophan 280nm. now can assuming all bsa attaches. can quantify amount of bsa

AUNP+BSA+DYE and BSA + DYE remake both and uv-vis, as well as fluorescence


  • redid bsa+dye, didn't do bsa+AUNP+dye because we lost the sample and only have enough AUNPs for one reaction will attempt to redo tom followed procedure on march 6 and feb 14
  • no microwave reaction because technique is being tested by another group to make sure it works, no point in attempting if it doesnt work and wasting material


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