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  • Synthesis of gold nanoparticles at a constant temperature of 80 degrees Celcius in water


Starting concentrations for Chloroauric acid and BSA solutions:

Chloroauric acid --> 17.0 mg in 10 mL of water --> 4.3 mM

BSA --> 10.3 mg in 10 mL of water --> 15.4 uM

Used these stocks to make solutions for synthesizing nanoparticles. Use the same final concentrations that you used on the 7th, which was .25mM Au+3 and 1.5 uM of BSA. Also, use the same buffers that your groups were assigned to. Tomorrow we will all use water for the synthesis. I will give you directions for how we are conducting this experiment at the beginning of class.

  • 1mL of sample in cuvet cover with parafilm
  • temperature control of uvis 80 degrees celcius



Final concentrations from September 7th: 1mL of 0.25mM Au3+, 1mL of 1.5uM BSA, and 8mL of H20 or Buffer


  • 4.3E-3*V1=2.5E-5*.01L--> 581.39 uL of AU3+
  • 15.4E-6*V1=1.5E-6*.01L--> 974.02 uL of BSA
  • Volume of H20 or Buffer--> 8445 uL of H20
  • total volume of solution: 10,000uL

Charts Sempter 21 charts.png

  • Chart 1: Absorbance vs. time at 550 nm Wavelength
  • Chart 2: Absorbance vs. wavelength for all times


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