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February 4, 2015


  • Extract benzophenone from solution
  • Analyze the products of the reaction
  • Set up Alicia's polymerization reaction


1. The round bottom was removed from the schlenk line and

  • excess water was not added to the reaction mixture to stop it because the liquid evaporated.
  • Possibly evaporated because the reaction continued past 8 hours.
  • The solid product was dissolved in 1.5 mL ethyl acetate and centrifuged to recover the gold-lysozyme nanoparticles.

2. TLC Analysis

  • A small drop of the sample was analyzed using thin layer chromatography and compared to the mixture before the addition of the catalyst.
  • So far it seems as though benzophenone formed as a product but the yield was not high.
  • In the future, more Au:Lys nanoparticles should be added (possibly 2 mLs) and the reaction mixture should be constantly monitored so that it does not evaporate.