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September 9,2014

Task List

  • Redo Kinetics of [Au]:[Lysozyme] at 70°C
  • Take UV/Vis every 20 minutes

Kinetics of AuNP Formation (Redo)

  • Heated ≈100 mL of H2O in 250 mL beaker
  • Transfer 0.5 mL HAuCl4 to 5 test tubes
  • Add 167 μL of 250 μM Lysozyme to each test tube making [Au]:[Gold] = 30
  • Dilute to make total solution to 5 mL (by adding 4.33 mL of H2O
  • Cover test tubes with foil and place in 70°C H2O
  • Record UV-Vis every 20 minutes from 800 nm to 360 nm for 3 hours.


NOTE The first UV-Vis measurement was recorded at 30 minutes. To stay consistent with time intervals, an additional UV-Vis reading was recorded at 60 minutes and every other measurement was in 20 minute intervals. The initial stock solution of 250 μM Lysozyme started to precipitate so the stock solution had to discarded. Instead we prepared 10 mL 250 μM Lysozyme so there wouldn't be much to waste.

  • Calculations for 10 mL 250 μM Lysozyme
    • (2.5 X 10-4 M) * (0.010 L) * (14,300 g/mol) = 0.03575 g Lysozyme

  • Calculations for [Au]:[Lysozyme] = 30
    • (2.512 x 10-3M HAuCl4) * (0.005 L HAuCl4 * (1 mol Lysozyme/ 30 mol HAuCl4) / (250 x 10-6 M Lysozyme = 167 μL Lysozyme

Continuation of UV-Vis and Florescence of AA (9/3/14)

AA 200uM.jpg

Obtained florescence of Tyrosine and Histidine because these were the only two amino acids that had UV-Vis peaks. They were the only two with peaks because they both have rings. The graphs are shown below.


NOTE Our 200 μM Tyrosine had to be diluted 50:1 because it was too high of a concentration to measure with fluorescence between 300 nm and 540 nm.