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Project Description/Abstract

  • Gold nanoparticles has shown to form by mixingof HAuCl4 and BSA. From past experiments, Bakshi, et al. showed that different mole ratios of Au/protein samples yielded samples that either had purple solutions, or purple fibers, or both. The goal of the project is to find out the fiber formation in relation to mole ratio of gold to protein, and how environmental factors such as pH, ionic strength, isoelectric point of protein affects gold nanoparticle formation.
  • It is suspected that the mole ratio of Au/protein that forms aggregated protein nanoparticles differ depending on the different protein used. In this project, proteins such as Horseradish peroxidase, Adenosine deaminase, Lysozyme, and Bovine serum albumin were used with different mole ratios of HAuCl4 ranging from 10 to 500 to see the effects of gold nanoparticle formation for different proteins.
  • It was found that through the same procedure and within the same mole ratio of gold to protein, ADA protein yielded the least amount of gold in solution, while BSA protein yielded the most amount of gold in solution.


  • Project scheduled to go on until December 2012.
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