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Entry one

    • This is my first journal entry so I am going to explain why I started this, along with some other things. If you don't care, just want some data, move along.

  • For as long as I can remember I want to be a geneticist. So, as soon as I could understand some genetics I started reading up on it. I really didn't get far until I got bored. A lot of how genetics are passed on, using a little square, along with some other information. So, I stopped researching the field. But one day, my science teacher was talking about how DNA coded for protein and the process that it goes though. He mentioned something about "plasmids; little circular pieces of DNA that turn bacteria green". This sparked a lot of interest, and before you know it I was researching all I could on these and began to create a lab. Now, I am planing to create a plasmid that can multiply in Halobacterium. I want this plasmid to 1) be very easy to get and 2) compatible with biobrick standards.
  • So I had the idea, and I began to research. I came to this site quite a bit, along with the registry, addgene, and most of all pubmed. Soon I saw that some scientists had created a vector from a viral origin of replication. I had thought about that before, and was about to research it when it came along! I read the article and began to think up the process for creating this vector. I checked many websites for possible vectors I could use, but alas I am not part of an officially part of an academic (registry and addgene) or industrial(addgene again) institution so there was little I could do. So I decided to create this out of many different parts that I would PCR out of various plasmids. And so this is where the project began

  • TODO- add in references