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Using the Titan TC Dynamic Light Scattering Machine

  • Turn on the power for both parts of the machine and let it warm up.

  • On the Desktop, open the Dynamics Program

  • Select a "New file" and select the "Connection to Hardware" Button

Basic Facts:

  • The Instrument tab can be selected to change the target temperature, number of acquisitions, acquisition time, and laser power
  • Under the solvent tab, the solvent being used in the sample can be selected for accurate results, and if not listed can be added if the Refractive index, viscosity, viscosity temperature and Cauchy Coefficient(generally 3119) are known.
  • If necessary right click and add an "Event Schedule". The Event Schedule allows for many different changes to the reading, including temperature labeling at a set point, incremental temperature change, and set acquisitions in between each increment.( The "Do" Function in the event schedule is to see how many times you want to loop the "event".

  • The Cuvette can be placed in either direction, as long as it is an 8.5 mm Eppendorf UVette(or similar make). If a different Cuvette is used, it must be transparent at 832.3 nm, as that is the set laser wavelength.

  • The green circle button at the top means start and top stop, simply press it again.

  • When the experiment is complete, click the square at the top left of the data to select all, then right click. Select "Export" to turn the data into a csv file for later analysis.