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Practicing with the Dynamic Light Scattering Machine using Ovalbumin chicken egg-whites

Machine: DynaPro Titan TC

  • Measure out 2 mg of Ovalbumin
  • Add the 2 mg of Ovalbumin the the 1.5 mL aliquot, and dilute to the 1 mL mark with DI water (the sample should now have a concentration of 2 mg/mL).
  • Add 100 microliters of the sample to five separate 500 microliter aliquots.
  • Dilute each of the aliquots with an extra 100 microliters of DI water (the new samples are all at 1 mg/mL now).
  • Using the DynaPro measure the hydrodynamic radius of each of the samples over a time of [insert time here] at temperatures of 20,34,48,62,76 degrees Celcius, respectively.
  • Record and Analyze results.

This experiment is just for practice use of the Dynamic Light Scattering System.