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Kelsey J.R.P. Byers (an artistic interpretation)

Kelsey J.R.P. Byers
University of Washington
Department of Biology
24 Kincaid Hall
Box 351800
Seattle, WA 98105 (USA)
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I work in the lab of Dr. H.D. "Toby" Bradshaw, Jr. at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA, studying the genetic basis of speciation in Mimulus (Lamiales), a developing model genus. I specifically work on speciation driven by pollinator-based prezygotic reproductive isolation; my pollinators of interest include hummingbirds, bumblebees, and hawkmoths (though I have a certain fondness for bats).


  • (expect 2014), PhD (in progress), University of Washington
  • 2007, SB, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • 2003, Biotechnology Academy (4 years), Minuteman Regional High School, Lexington, MA

Research interests

  1. Speciation (various, particularly driven by prezygotic isolation)
  2. Natural population variation
  3. Remote sensing techniques and development
  4. Pollination ecology


  1. Zhu C, Byers KJ, McCord RP, Shi Z, Berger MF, Newburger DE, Saulrieta K, Smith Z, Shah MV, Radhakrishnan M, Philippakis AA, Hu Y, De Masi F, Pacek M, Rolfs A, Murthy T, Labaer J, and Bulyk ML. High-resolution DNA-binding specificity analysis of yeast transcription factors. Genome Res. 2009 Apr;19(4):556-66. DOI:10.1101/gr.090233.108 | PubMed ID:19158363 | HubMed [Paper1]

    Work done in the lab of Dr. Martha Bulyk, Harvard Medical School