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  • 9:30 AM, Washed worms with M9W and aliquotted into 1.5 ml Ependorf tubes. Washed twice more with 1 ml of M9W. Brought volume down as low as possible and added 500 ul of 50 mM tetramisole. Incubate at RT for 30 minutes.

Froze down OP50, trf-1 (1), and trf-1(2) stock. (750 ul culture, 250 ul 80% glycerol)

Plasmid prep'd trf-1 (1) and trf-1 (2) and nano-dropped to get the concentration of each; 227 and 206 ng/ul, respectively.

Plated 300 ul of OP50 on 12 plates and incubated in 37C

Froze down gst-4::gfp, KJ142, and VZ1 (1 ml wash product + 600 ul S buffer + 30% glycerol)

Cracked gst-4::gfp plates (3) and incubated at RT on rotisserie shaker.