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Education/Research Experience

MIT Course 20, Class of 2016

I work in the Weiss Lab at the Synthetic Biology Center at MIT as part of MIT's iGEM team. Our work for this year (2014) focuses on improving Alzheimer's disease diagnosis using engineered receptors and miRNA sensors, as well as working toward treatment by modulating enzyme levels in response to detection of Alzheimer's disease. Previously, I worked with nanobodies against enzymes in the yeast glycolytic pathway at the Ploegh Lab, Whitehead Institute.

Registration/Questionnaire: 20.109 Fall 2014

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krbrink (at) mit (dot) edu

Preferred "Extra" OH Time

Wednesdays after 2:30pm or Fridays after 10am

Potentially Relevant Background

Have you taken/are you taking... Answer yes/no/when
7.05/5.07 (Biochemistry) Fall 2014
7.06 (Cell Biology) No
7.03 (Genetics) Spring 2014
5.310 (General Chemistry Lab) No
BioSafety Training Yes

Do you have experience with... Answer yes/no/type
Cell culture (microbial/mammalian/yeast?) E. coli and mammalian
Molecular biology (electrophoresis, PCR, etc) Yes

Please briefly describe any previous laboratory experience

Fall 2013 - Winter 2014: I was a UROP in the Ploegh lab screening single-domain antibodies against PDC1 (a yeast glycolytic enzyme).

Spring 2014 - present: I am on the MIT iGEM team, whose project this year focuses on Alzheimer’s disease. My role in the project involves modifying a B-cell receptor to sense the presence of (extracellular) beta-amyloid plaques and produce an intracellular response.

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I have read and understood the 20.109 statement on collaboration and integrity.