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Objective: To locate and analyze a transect at American University and prepare a Hay Infusion Culture.

My group members and I chose the farm transect. This area was located next to a tennis court and in front of a wooded area with some more buildings on the other side. The farm consisted of a fenced in area with several wooden boxed sections of various vegetables, flowers, and plants in soil. The 20 x 20 foot area we selected consisted of a box of tomatoes, mint, lavender, bay leaves, and two other boxes of weeds or other miscellaneous plants. There was a also a small shed of tools and a compost pile located towards the back. Wood chips and patches of grass comprised the trails around the boxes. There were also some flies and bees in the area. A sample of soil was taken from the box with tomato plants and a hay infusion culture was created by placing 11.1 g of the soil in a jar with 0.1 gm dried milk and 500 ml of deerpark water.

File:Farm 1.jpg File:Farm 2.jpg File:Farm 3.jpg File:Farm 4.jpg


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