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  • ✓ JDS33-47: split 1:10 and set up 2 6-well transfection plates (ab-free medium)
  • ✓ U2OS plain transfections: check expression of clones

U2OS plain transfection

  1. KAH179/176/MV8: Target +UAS/ Repressor ---
  2. KAH180/176/MV8: Target ---/ Repressor ---
  3. KAH179/177/MV8: Target +UAS/ Repressor m-target
  4. KAH180/177/MV8: Target ---/ Repressor m-target
  5. KAH179/178/MV8: Target +UAS/ Repressor s-target
  6. KAH180/178/MV8: Target ---/ Repressor s-target

> Construct #4 appears to be the most promising: good survival and expression of both CFP (Target) and RFP (Repressor) as expected
> Tomorrow, reduce zeo dosage to 200 μg/mL