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  • ✓ Split cells: JDS33-47 U2OS (2x 6-well plates, 2.5 x 105/ well) for transfection tomorrow

Check RFP/ YFP expression

  • YFP successfully induced via 1 μg/mL Dox
  • Saw some indication that RFP might be knocked down by YFP (RFP only appears in YFP- cells)
  • Ubc construct showed no visible expression of RFP
  • Repeat experiment, this time visualize specific positions on plate (use Metamorph staging function) before and after Dox treatment in a single well (use a marker to anchor a position in each well)
    • 1. Locate RFP+ cells, record positions, save images
    • 2. Add Dox, after 24 hours & 48 hours go back to positions and image RFP vs. YFP