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  • ✓ Stable lines: H3me Cyan-reporter line maintenance

Stable lines: H3me reporter
> 8/14/11 colony plates (plated after ~2 days transfection recovery): U2OS cells for 208/V0200 and DPRE-208/V0200 transfections showing some colony growth. Refresh with maintenance medium (50 μg/mL hygro., 15 μg/mL blast.) and harvest colonies after they get bigger. HEK cells not showing colony growth.
> 8/20/22 colony plates: On 8/14, also made non-selective 10 cm plate for each transfection. On 8/20 I split these 1:10 into non-selective (plain) medium and selective medium. Lots of cells are sticking in the selective plates, no colonies yet.
> Today, made freeze-downs from confluent non-selective plates as back-up for selecting clones later.