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  • ✓ Minipreps: KAH160, 170/015 (3 each); sequencing order
  • ✓ p16 induction time course: add dox to 3-day plates (7 pm)

Minipreps/ sequencing
> Genewiz sequencing (same day service): template, primer (Note: KAH160-015-01 and KAH170-015-01 are the clones I gave to Casey)

  1. KAH160-015-01, CMV-fwd: good
  2. KAH160-015-02, CMV-fwd: good
  3. KAH160-015-03, CMV-fwd: seq. failed
  4. KAH160-015-04, CMV-fwd: seq. failed
  5. KAH170-015-01, CMV-fwd: good
  6. KAH170-015-02, CMV-fwd: good
  7. KAH170-015-03, CMV-fwd: good
  8. KAH170-015-04, CMV-fwd: good
  9. KAH160-015-01, BGHR: good
  10. KAH160-015-02, BGHR: seq. failed
  11. KAH160-015-03, BGHR: good
  12. KAH160-015-04, BGHR: seq. failed
  13. KAH170-015-01, BGHR: good
  14. KAH170-015-02, BGHR: good
  15. KAH170-015-03, BGHR: good
  16. KAH170-015-04, BGHR: good

--> Discard KAH160/015-04
--> Ran Megalign (ClustalW) to find mutations; perfect matches to LTR sequences, no conflicts between clones for good sequences