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  • ✓ p16 time course: Induce 4-day samples with 1 μg/mL dox (3 pm)
  • ✓ Order oligos: new RT-PCR primers for HHEX
  • ✓ Plasmid cultures: pick three colonies each from KAH160/015 and KAH170/015 plates (8/07/10)

Pc-ATF expression in other cell lines
> Casey can get expression from KAH165/015 but not from KAH160/015 and KAH170/015 in HepG2 cells
--> Mutation in the viral backbone?
> Pick three colonies each from original cloning plates
> Tomorrow: order sequencing using Genewiz primers:

  1. CMV-forward: reads into HIV-1 5' LTR (upstream)
  2. BGHR: reads into HIV-1 5' LTR (downstream)