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  • ✓ H3me3 Reporter lines: check RFP/YFP in transfection plate
  • ✓ KAH130, 131 lines: expand in 10 cm plates for freezing (see 8/11/10); make back-up cultures for KAH130-4, 131-4

H3me3 Reporter lines
> KAH142-3 plates: lots of cell death, not sure why; discard and split 142-5 (hygro maint. med.)
> KAH146-1 plates: look good
> Transfection:
--> Some wells contaminated (Andrew's U2OS plain medium might be the problem); discard & replace trypsin med., PBS, U2OS plain med
--> RFP/YFP expression: KAH96-11 shows good YFP expression in some cells (but not all); keep and expand back-up cells (6-well) in 2 10 cm plates (hygro maint. med.)
> Keep transfection plates for one more day to screen for YFP-expressing KAH147 clone
> Split KAH147 6-well back-up cultures (6 clones)