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  • ✓ ChIP: U2OS-plain sheared chromatin DNA quality control (finish)

ChIP: U2OS plain sheared chromatin DNA quality control
> Started DNA qc over the weekend
> Finished etOH precipitation yesterday; resuspend DNA pellet in 100 μL elution buffer (QIAGEN)
> RNaseH-treat half of the sample (50 μL), 37°C/ 30 min.
> Run 20 μL of each (+ 2 μL bromo-blue/ xylene cyanol 10x loading dye) on 1% gel

1. DNA
2. RNase-treated DNA
File:KAH 051110 gel1.tif
20 μL/lane; 1% agarose -->

--> Majority of DNA is ~200 bp (mononucleosome size). Fine for 100 bp qPCR, but might consider reducing sonication a bit (target size usually around 1 kb).